Managed Colocation Services

Host NIT Inc. was founded in March of 2012. Since then we have grown rapidly through company acquisitions and diverse marketing. We now have our own Data-Center Space and over 7,000 servers sold/rented to date! We also have a vast client based considered of : Shared Clients, Reseller Clients and VPS clients. Host NIT Inc proudly host over 100,000 domains! Our fully redundant Colocation Data Center is vastly-reliable. Businesses and individuals of all nature, small and large, utilizes our Colocated servers to successfully manage there business We offer fully managed Co-located services. Meaning FREE OS installs! FREE racking. FREE OS-reinstalls, Discounted Licensing Fees. I.E: cPanel License: 20.00. Please browse through the list of packages below, or you can always contact us for a custom quote.

Colocation - 1U $119.00 /mo.
Colocation - 2U $219.00 /mo.
Colocation - 3U $299.00 /mo.
Colocation - 4U $399.00 /mo.