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CPanel Licensing to be available soon + An E.T.A on the Completion of our Design's Q.A

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First off, I'm proud to announce that we are one of cPanel's newest partners! Host NIT Inc. will be offering cPanel to current customers and new customers at one of , if not, the lowest price available on the Internet today!!

Host NIT Inc. INTERNAL I.Ps (meaning our customers)
20.00/m Dedicated SERVER Licensing
10.00/m VPS Server Licensing

EXTERNAL LICENSES (to use with your servers on another Host)

The pricing below is not set permanently and may adjust either lower or higher. A Final Press Release will be issued when the pricing for external licensing has been determined

However, the first 100 EXTERNAL Dedicated Server and VPS Servers will get a huge discount (after using the Coupon Code)

27.99/m Dedicated Server
12.00/m VPS Licensing.

To pre-order...

Resellers - Sell More to your Customers w/o the investment

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This message is meant for all of our Resellers. Host NIT Inc. has made
several new partnerships in the last month. We have also been working on a
WHMCS module that will allow you to resell our Dedicated and VPS Products
using your own WHMCS software. You can basically resell any of our
Dedicated Servers at whatever price you'd like and you don't have to invest
in actually buying the physical servers, colocating them or any other cost.

 How it works:

You chose what servers you'd like to sell @ whatever price you'd like to
sell them.
Your customers place the order on your system.
We deliver the server to you after you simply pay the discounted reseller
server rental fee.
You can then control the server through WHMCS - Suspended, Unsuspend,
Terminate. Etc.
Your customers will never need to know that we are in the picture and we

New Company Blog



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I am proud to announce the release of our new Company Blog. 

We will post updates here as necessary, please do not forget to check your Announcements section i your client area. The Blog is not a replacement of that. It's simply just what it states, a company Blog.


Rishi Padooman
President and Founder of Host NIT Inc.