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Offical cPanel Partner + Host NIT vs Godaddy and more changes



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Host NIT Inc is now an official cPanel partner. We've completed the necessary steps and transition the IPs that were previously with our partner. The transition, thus far, has been smooth. We have had a few tickets with customers stating that there cPanel license has expired. This is a very easy fix that's done through SSH. Please run the following command to update your license:



If you are unaware or unable to do so please contact our support team and we will resolve this issue for you promptly. In some cases, we found that we need to re-register the IP addresses associated with the cPanel license. In such cases please contact our support team and we will have this resolved for you.


In my last post I stated we would be able to offer cPanel license to non Host NIT clients as well. Unfortunately, at this time we would only be able to offer this to internal clients. There is an exception to this rule:...