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Final IP Change

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I writing to inform everyone that there will be one final IP  change. When we did our relocation we had to borrow some IPs from our ISP to get everything going, the intention was those IPs, the ones you have now, would be re-assigned to us after ARIN finished what they had to do. Unfortunately ARIN instructed us to return those IPs to our ISP and use the new IPs received from them. I know this  can be frustrating and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we will/have caused you because of this. Rest assured we will try ouir best to make every thigh as "painless" as possible.


There are a lot of different factors on the back end of this and I really tried to get the re-assignment but I couldn't.... Web Hosting providers ask you all the time for I.P.J (IP JUSTIFICFATION) because the IPV4 pool is almost empty and we're not at even the middle of the year so everyone wants to hold on to there IPs and make sure they are being...