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General Billing Information Notice

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This email was sent out to all "active" clients yesterday May 5th, 2015. The email will be copied below :




Host NIT inc. have been doing a yearly review of all accounts, and in few cases have found some account have not been getting charged nor do the account holders take initiative on making the payments.  In these cases these accounts gets terminated from our network.


I.E: In one case in particular a client didn't pay for 6 month of service while his services remain active due to a system error, on the seventh month the system finally terminated his account. Please note the system did send the customer email for overdue invoices and a termination email as it was supposed to. (the emails did not bounce back, they were received). Once an account is found in this state it is considered delinquent...

Final IP Change

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I writing to inform everyone that there will be one final IP  change. When we did our relocation we had to borrow some IPs from our ISP to get everything going, the intention was those IPs, the ones you have now, would be re-assigned to us after ARIN finished what they had to do. Unfortunately ARIN instructed us to return those IPs to our ISP and use the new IPs received from them. I know this  can be frustrating and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we will/have caused you because of this. Rest assured we will try ouir best to make every thigh as "painless" as possible.


There are a lot of different factors on the back end of this and I really tried to get the re-assignment but I couldn't.... Web Hosting providers ask you all the time for I.P.J (IP JUSTIFICFATION) because the IPV4 pool is almost empty and we're not at even the middle of the year so everyone wants to hold on to there IPs and make sure they are being...

Resellers - Sell More to your Customers w/o the investment

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This message is meant for all of our Resellers. Host NIT Inc. has made
several new partnerships in the last month. We have also been working on a
WHMCS module that will allow you to resell our Dedicated and VPS Products
using your own WHMCS software. You can basically resell any of our
Dedicated Servers at whatever price you'd like and you don't have to invest
in actually buying the physical servers, colocating them or any other cost.

 How it works:

You chose what servers you'd like to sell @ whatever price you'd like to
sell them.
Your customers place the order on your system.
We deliver the server to you after you simply pay the discounted reseller
server rental fee.
You can then control the server through WHMCS - Suspended, Unsuspend,
Terminate. Etc.
Your customers will never need to know that we are in the picture and we